In-Store Displays & Signage

  • Xyzal FloorStand Display Creative Solution for a new product launch that would be eye-popping and stop consumer traffic. Display incorporated the use of clear printed plastic and gloss inks.
  • Design Development and implementation for CPG, Pharma, FMCG and Retail clients
  • Design and Execution of package and custom display creatives that helped drive a brand with limited awareness in stores
  • Multi-Brand Allergy Display, design task to integrate multiple allergy brands without causing confusion
  • FloorStands, DumpBins, SideKicks and PDQ displays development for different locations and segments
  • All Displays: 3D renderings built for store sale-in, along with sales sample and mock-up development.
  • Managed innovative design of sales materials and point of purchase display graphics for skin care, pain, allergy, oral care categories
  • Execute and manage creative project life cycles, from concept to final execution
  • Developed design strategies for impactful sales programs to drive brand awareness recognition and consumer engagement for Allergy, Upper and Lower Digestive Health, Men’s Health and RX to OTC categories

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