Print and Digital Ads

  • Free Standing Inserts, also called an FSI (above left) found in Sunday papers with coupons. Digital versions have coupons removed and are replaced with other Call-To-Action messages. This FSI has not launched yet. It will be available in September, 2020. Design direction was to leverage both brand’s equity and create a multi-brand FSI with separation of the products, but still have a cohesive look. 3D renderings were created, layout/syle, and headlines were all created. Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop were used.
  • Design for Digestive Health portfolio ad (above right) Show how the products pertain to the body and how they. Convey a sense of digestive health balance. As the key visual, I chose a healthy lifestyle image of a woman posing in a Yoga position. Also a multi-channel ad that was used in both print and on retailer sites.

 Print and Digital Ads

  • Collage of Digital, Print and In-Store advertising (above) Digital Banner, Print ad for Coscto, and in-store “Coupon Machine” graphics for Walgreens and CVS accounts. The Dulcolax Costco ad started out as a seasonal ad with holiday food. The angle was that over eating during the holidays could cause constipation. However, it eventually became an ad only featuring the product with a simple, but strong headline. The Coupon Machine is digitally rendered to show the coupon art and graphic wrap.
  • E-Commerce assets designed for Amazon Market Place and Club Account Retailers. (below) Digital banners were designed based on brand style guides. The layout is a template style used by those e-commerce sites. Copy is provided by brand team.

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